The Toronto Lands Corporation is governed by an independent 10 member Board of Directors, consisting of 6 Citizens and 4 appointed TDSB Trustees. Through TLC’s Board Renewal Policy, the 6 Citizen positions are nominated by a TLC Committee and approved by the TLC Board, then ratified by the TDSB.

The Board of Directors represents a wide range of seasoned professionals in the field of real estate, municipal law, City Planning, urban development, and financial and public accounting. Others have a impressive records of community involvement and support across the City of Toronto and beyond. The Trustee-Directors provide important community context in relation to TLC’s properties and the associated policy issues which impact on these properties. This combination of expertise and knowledge on the TLC Board provides an informed and credible perspective, a commitment to market analysis and a strong commitment to community building.

Shelly Laskin


Zakir Patel


Zakir Patel is the Toronto District School Board Trustee for Scarborough-Guildwood: Ward 19. He was elected in 2018 and is the first Gujarati of Indian descent to be elected in Ontario.

For the last 25 years, Zakir has lived and worked in Scarborough. He is an award winning realtor with over 15 years of success in residential and commercial real estate. He also owns an enterprise of distribution services which has over a hundred employees.

His passion is to serve his community connecting families through resources such as delivering basic necessities and helping with navigating various government services. He has worked tirelessly for various community groups and causes across Scarborough.

Zakir’s work as a trustee has been focused on youth empowerment and maintaining safe and healthy schools. He believes access to adequate nutritional programs and extra-curricular activities are essential to student development. He consistently strives for equity in our schools and committed to speaking out in the interest of students, parents and faculty.

Manna Wong


Dennis Hastings