Annual Plans & Reports

The most recent TLC report documents for annual planning, reporting and finance.

Policies & Procedures

TLC’s policies and corporate documents

Guiding Legislation

A list of legislative documents that guide the work of TLC.

Current Vendors of Record

A list of vendors currently on record with TLC and services provided.

Information for Developers

For builders seeking to do work in Toronto, information that relates to TDSB interests and properties.

Toronto District School Board

Canada’s largest school board operating nearly 600 schools in Toronto and TLC’s sole shareholder.

TDSB Capital Priorities

TDSB’s annual applications for funding to the Ministry of Education’s Capital Priorities program.

City of Toronto Planning & Development

Reviews development applications in the City of Toronto making recommendations to City Council.

Ontario Lands Tribunal

The OLT adjudicates matters related to land use planning, heritage protection, land valuation, land compensation, and related matters.

Ontario Ministry of Education

Provides the funding and framework for building new schools or for expanding, retrofitting or repairing existing schools.