We are the stewards of an impressively important and valuable public asset – over 5,000 acres of school board land.

TLC’s mandate to act as the exclusive real estate, leasing and land use planning agent for all properties in the TDSB portfolio, allows us to explore and devise innovative school redevelopment proposals, community partnerships opportunities and modernization strategies in support of the delivery of a world class public education system.

Key Organizational Priorities

While the modernization strategy will be a key focus of our work in the coming year, other equally important organizational priorities will continue with our partners to strengthen relationships and maximize the benefit to the community, including:

  • The implementation of a new lease administration database, Lease Harbor, to manage and administer 700 leases along with real estate agreements increasing efficiency in document management and in analytical reporting.
  • TLC continues discussions with the City of Toronto over the application of a Harmonized Zoning Bylaw which proposes to establish one set of planning rules to be applied to school board properties across the city. Unresolved for over a decade, this Bylaw could have significant impact on property values. TLC remains diligent in its negotiations and will continue this year to advance our position for the protection of TDSB property values and interests.
  • An extensive review of all exclusive and shared use agreements for City use of TDSB facilities, including pools and equally, TDSB use of City Parks in the development of a new master agreement with the City of Toronto.