The TLC Land Use Planning team seeks to ensure schools are a component of complete communities in the City, and provide effective stewardship of TDSB assets for healthy, safe and modern learning environments through the planning process.

The team engages in the following land use planning activities:
  • Serve as the first point of contact for city planning staff on all land use matters
  • Review all development applications (official plan amendments, zoning by-law amendments, site plans, plans of subdivision), including impacts related to TDSB properties and school community (See below)
  • Work with city staff and the development community to mitigate issues with respect to intensification/development impacts on TDSB sites (View more)
  • Participate and review City of Toronto planning studies and initiatives to ensure these documents reflect and protect TDSB interests in the provision of school accommodation
  • Identify and secure opportunities for new elementary and secondary schools where required
  • Provide land use planning expertise and support to the TDSB on the site plan application process for new schools, renovations and additions
  • Identify partnership opportunities with developers and public agencies
  • Participate in Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) hearings on behalf of the TDSB as an expert witness on land use planning matters
  • Engage TDSB educational partners regarding TDSB facilities to evaluate impacts of land use matters on TDSB facilities (View more)
  • Review and respond to changes in provincial land use planning policy and legislation
TLC involvement in city of Toronto planning approval process:

TLC’s mandate includes responsibility for all land use planning matters on behalf of the Toronto District School Board.  TLC is a commenting agency for development applications (official plan amendments, zoning by-law amendments, site plans, plans of subdivision) in the City of Toronto.  Development applications can be found on the City of Toronto’s Application Information Centre.

The Land Use Planning team reviews development applications to protect the interests of the TDSB and its students as follows:

  • land use impacts on TDSB properties and the health and safety of the school community e.g. shadows on school playgrounds, transportation impacts, construction hazards; and,
  • impacts on local school accommodation (in consultation with TDSB student accommodation staff).

In addition to providing comments during the formal circulation of the application, TLC may also engage with City staff and the developer during the City of Toronto’s planning approval process.

TLC encourages developers planning city building projects to meet with TLC early in their planning process  to identify and discuss potential land use and/or accommodation impacts.

Introducing Land Use Planning: