The responsibility of TLC’s real estate team includes property acquisitions for new schools on vacant lands or in new mixed-use urban towers, sale of surplus assets, land exchanges, long term ground leases, joint ventures, expropriation, property redevelopment, easements, licenses, shared use, various community agreements, agreements with developers and public partners and temporary access agreements for TDSB properties.


TLC negotiates all real estate agreements for acquisitions on behalf of TDSB to secure and protect property rights now and in the future. TLC seeks to acquire land or floor space in mixed-use residential towers in urban environments to accommodate new schools in high-growth areas.


Since 2008 TLC has managed the disposition of over 80 TDSB properties that have yielded a total sale value of $800M returned to the Board. All sales of school board property in Ontario are governed by The Education Act and Ontario Regulation 444/98.

Asset Management & Redevelopment

TLC is responsible for providing professional real estate advice on the portfolio of over 600 real estate assets to meet TDSB objectives. This may include land exchanges, long term ground leases, joint ventures, Expropriation, and property redevelopment; creating financial benefits that support the TDSB Capital Program; or creating opportunities to maximize public use and student benefit.


When Public agencies including the City of Toronto, the TTC or Metrolinx require the temporary or permanent use of TDSB property to complete infrastructure projects, that process starts here.  TLC works collaboratively with all levels of government on projects to preserve the value and utility of TDSB properties, while safeguarding the students and staff in TDSB schools.

Currently there are no TDSB properties available for sale or lease on the open market.