We are the stewards, asset managers and professional advisors of TDSB real estate holdings. It is our responsibility to provide expert professional advice on all TDSB real estate matters for the protection of property rights and preservation of property value. Working collaboratively with the community, public partners and the development community we actively seek to enhance and provide student benefits throughout the City. The TLC Real Estate and Leasing team is focused on pursuing developing community destinations and bringing people together in livable, sustainable and inclusive spaces and communities.

All real estate and leasing agreements are guided by Ontario Regulation 444/98 that governs the disposition and leasing of surplus school board assets.

The value and purpose of this experienced and dedicated real estate function includes:

  • Strategic management of the real estate portfolio
  • Development of opportunities in support of student learning
  • The creation of financial benefits that support the TDSB Capital Program
  • Protecting the TDSB’s legal interest in all transactions
  • Mitigating liability
  • Collaboration with private and other public agencies on potential development projects
  • Expert advice on all portfolio property values

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