Last Updated - June 18, 2024

The Toronto Lands Corporation (TLC) has published its Annual Plan for the 2024-25 fiscal year, reaffirming its commitment to advancing exceptional learning spaces that serve vibrant communities.

The past year has been one of significant change, both within TLC and with public policies and legislation that pose new complexities to how the TDSB manages its real estate portfolio. TLC has responded to these changes by pursuing new ideas on what education-oriented redevelopment can look like and how we can better serve surrounding communities while finding creative ways to deliver both financial and social value.

We invite you to see how TLC will approach its guiding principles over the coming year and the goals proposed to advance work in these areas. The plan includes updates on several projects currently underway in our real estate portfolio.  You can download the full plan here.

The Annual Plan was approved by TLC’s Board of Directors in May and will proceed to the TDSB Board of Trustees for final approval in September.