Last Updated - April 11, 2024

The Toronto Lands Corporation (TLC) Board of Directors will review the organization’s Guiding Principles this week at its March 28, 2024 meeting.

TLC Shareholders’ Direction lays out principles guiding the stewardship of the TDSB’s Real Estate Portfolio.  These principles call for finding financial value in TDSB properties to support school modernization, balanced against the opportunity for community or social benefit each property represents.

This direction forms the core of TLC’s evolving modernization strategy.

All stakeholders should be aligned with TLC’s mission as the organization builds relationships with community, not-for-profit, and government service providers. To ensure this is the case, TLC staff have prepared a presentation expanding these guiding principles and illustrating how they co-exist.  Included are several examples of these principles applied to TLC projects already underway.

TLC’s Planning and Priorities Committee received this presentation on March 18.  The TLC Board is expected to forward it to the TDSB Board of Trustees via their PPC meeting on April 4.

Members of the public can observe the TLC Board Meeting on March 28 by registering here.  TDSB meetings can be accessed via their Live Webcast page.

The report can also be found here:

Affirming TLC’s Guiding Principles Presentation